is-drop-shipping-is-profitable-business-in-india.jpg was first the company to introduce dropshipping bussiness in India in 2012.This vision of Seasonsway was actual portrait to frame on 2012 by introducing drop ship module in E commerce online shopping website in India.

Is Drop shipping is Profitable Business in India?

Yes, Drop shipping is profitable when it's done in the right-way.

Drop shipping helps you to manage your online store without any hassle or tension of managing the entire inventory. It depends not on the location but on your skills, time you have spend on it, niche you have chosen etc. After this whenever a customer orders from your store, you just have to notify or forward the order to the drop shipper, after that they will pack and ship the product to the customer. Customer will get the product in the box that is having your company name and logo on it.

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Five Important factors for Drop shipping Margin

1. PO-SMS Discrepancies

Discrepancies between purchase order and supply manifest system can affect item, quantity, order date, shipping address, ship date, delivery date, customer name, contact information, shipping service, label and packaging etc. Any of these can lead to wrong item delivery or other order fulfillment fails that can hurt reputation and revenue.

2. Drop ship Price

Suppliers operate a two-tiered pricing system-wholesale pricing and drop ship pricing, the latter higher than the former based on volume of order

3. Discount Deals

Discounts drive retail sales. Black Friday and Christmas sales are good examples. However, with dropship pricing it becomes difficult for dropshippers to offer competitive discounts.

4. Market Saturation

Due to low startup cost drop shipping is attractive. Competing with thousands of other sellers forces prices down in order to stay competitive

5. Free Shipping

Free shipping as a big incentive for shoppers to spend more. However, with dropship pricing it might be difficult to offer free shipping

5 Key Points to Know About Dropshipping

  1. Startup Cost
  2. Market Share
  3. Widespread Adoption
  4. Future Outlook
  5. Also known as Supplier Direct Fulfillment or Vendor Direct Fulfillment.

How to better price your dropshipment

  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
  • Listing Fees
  • Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Percentage of final sales
  • Payment processing fees
  • Subscription for Apps, Plugins
  • Competition's price
  • Customer price perception
  • Price trends over time

How to Stay with Profitable Your Drop shipping Margins

  1. Start with a little
  2. Create content marketing strategy
  3. Aim for Retail Order Consolidation to reduce shipping costs
  4. Team up with other drop shippers to order wholesale
  5. Quality control measures to beat returns down
  6. Include size guides if selling fashion to reduce returns
  7. Find high demanding products
  8. Check products with large volume orders and good reviews
  9. Let customers know where items are shipping from in case of delays
  10. Optimize website design for higher engagement and conversion

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