"Drop-shipment" is a form of product distribution where by the retailer is out of stock and passes clients' orders directly to the supplier. The supplier then delivers directly to the final client, who remains in contact with the retailer.

What profit does the retailer make ?

The retailer makes a profit on the price difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.Using such a system helps a retailer to enlarge his product range by the 1,35000 + products available on Seasonsway.com.

The final client receives his/her order without any seasonsway.com documentation or packaging.

The packages sent to your customer contain no adverts or any other material from seasonsway.com

You can feature such articles by adding them to your product catalogue, while remaining sure about available stock. You can also display them in your shop window or put them online on your website

You need a seasonsway dropshipping account, also known as a "My Dropshipping" account.For Creating an account ClickHere.Simply fill in the address book with delivery addresses that you wish to have your orders sent to.

Delivery to the final client is ensured by Seasonsway. The retailer is not involved in the delivery of goods.

Once the retailer has settled the payment with Seasonsway, the client orders will be dispatched within 48 hours.

Retailer maintain a Prepaid balance in Seasonsway.com.When retailer places a order, the amount of order gets deducted from the prepaid balance and the shipment of the ordered product begins after 24 hours .

It is possible - in agreement with your commercial agent - to provide you with a csv file with all our products, their availability and the standard delivery cost per unit.

On one hand the final client pays the retailer, and on the other, the retailer pays Seasonsway; thus, shipment of the ordered product begins.

There are two available methods of payment; you can either pay by credit card ,Debit Card, Net Banking or by Bank Transfer.

There is no minimum order amount to use the dropshipment service.

No, the indicated prices on the site correspond to the catalogue prices.

Seasonsway-offers free delivery & returns as standard and a 30 day free returns policy on all purchases!

The terms and conditions of the sale remain unchanged: return policy, cancellation period ...

Seasonsway's conditions remain the same for retailers and professional clients. As a retailer - within the terms of drop-shipment agreement -, you alone will be in contact with your clients. Therefore, it is up to you to contact the Seasonsway after-sales support if necessary. At no point will Seasonsway contact your clients directly

All After-Sales support requirement from one of your customers and a product ordered from Seasonsway.com is processed in the following manner: Your customer request the support directly to you (we would remind you that the principles of dropshipment entail that Seasonsway.com does not have any contact with your customer). You will then contact the support team of ours and we will proceed with the After-Sales support whatever required. After-Sales Support are offered directly to you and not directly to your customer for logistical security reasons

Customised dropshipping is standard dropshipping tailored to the needs of large companies: ongoing support, expertise, competitive rates, responsiveness and more

Drop shipping one of the most lucrative and adhere way for online business to earn profits with ease. To generate business, drop shipping module guide you to earn profits at your door steps. This drop shipping module mark as a benchmark for other market places like eBay, Amazon, Flip kart and even become an important outsourcing tool for your very own website. Once the product is sold in marketplace or on your portal, you send the order to Seasonsway.com had the liability to shipped the product to your customer. Once the product is delivered you relish your profit margin without any hassle.

Drop shipping set a benchmark for the drop-shipper. Payment will be made by the drop-shipper only when they received the order along with the confirmation(In COD) or when they have collected a payment.(In Pre-paid) .You can start selling products online without even having to buy them in bulk. You do not have to worry about warehousing the products, packaging & shipping, inventory management. All this is taken care for you so you can focus on the selling the products and making and collecting payments from your buyers

Drop-shipping module provides advantage of Selling to various market places like E-bay, Amazon, Flip kart etc with ease and comfort. Our Drop-ship Bulk Data feed files Packages (Different packages for different accounts) can use to import the products of your choice. Inventory Membership package for the supplier of your choice.

Orders which are provided before 11.30 am are dispatched same day in the evening otherwise the order will be shipped on next business day.

Seasonsway.com will provide you the drop ship panel to work with; once your order is shipped you will find tracking details on your shopping portal. In addition we will send an email with the tracking number the same day your order leaves the warehouse on your registered mail ID

Seasonsway.com will provide you the leverage on number of products according to the types of account chosen from your end.

Yes your invoice will be sent to your customer.
For the accounts starting from Diamond onward branding in packaging will be provided (Branding material to be furnished from your end ). For Accounts like Silver account & Gold account there will be no branding. Product will be dispatched with your invoice in plain packaging material with no branding

Yes, Seasonsway.com has its reach internationally also. All the process of drop shipping remain same only the international shipping applies

Seasonsway.com professional and technical staff set a benchmark in website creation under the domain name of your choice at additional charges.. Our technical team will provide you feed for bulk uploading in other market places like E-bay, Amazon, Flip kart, Snap deal Pay tm etc. We load your website with all the products from your chosen suppliers.

Seasonsway.com provides Dropship panel for placing orders, Checking credit balances, transaction history, sales record, Tracking details making process of managing the orders with utmost comfort and ease.

Shipping cost will be charged according to the Type of Account you chose from our Drop shipping module. A Standard Shipping cost will be charged up front (For Silver account & Gold account) so you will know how much to charge your buyer. For account starting from Diamond we provide free shipping to our drop-shipper so they can relish their investment and profits.

Dropship credit points can only be utilized on purchase of items available under Drop Ship Module and cannot be utilized in any other offers, sale, wholesale or on direct purchase.Kindly note balance cannot be refunded in any case.

You can withdraw the dropship account by writing mail to support@seasonsway.com but credit balance will not be reimbursed in cash in any condition whatsover

In case minimum sales is not achieved by dropshipper for 3 months in row, a MSF ( Minimum Sales Fee )per month will be debited from the account.

You only pay for the product once you have sold it and collected a payment for it. This means that you can start selling thousands of products online without even having to buy them in bulk. You do not have to worry about warehousing the products, packaging & shipping, inventory management. All this is taken care for you so you can focus on the selling the products and making and collecting payments from your buyers.


We guarantee that every product we sell will be as pictured and described and will be free from defect. If you or your customer receives an item that does meet not this guarantee, we will issue you a full refund or provide a replacement. Non-defective returns must be shipped back to us within 7 days and we will credit your account minus a 20% restocking fee.

We offer Pan India free shipping except Basic drop ship account


If you want to apply individually then currently their is no need for GST you can apply for that.

Yes you can include shipping on your price or you can exclude shipping its totally your call.Seasonsway have no restriction on that.

For margins and account types go for the links given above.

All the products pricing are including GST prices.

If you have not done any change to pricing part then we will download invoice from the drop ship panel provided to you else you have to send us the scan copy of your invoice via registered Email ID.

GST bill will be provided at the end of every month from our end.

Once the product will be shipped You will be able to see the Courier partner name along with tracking number.

Updated .CSV product will be sent every Saturday on your registered Email ID.

You can click on Order put the SKU (of the respective product you want to order) fill your shipping details.Your order will be placed.

We will provide you .CSV sheet along with image link for bulk uploading.

We have all types of product branded as well as non branded products.

After making your paper verification is done once verification is done you will be getting .CSV sheets this whole purpose takes max up to 24 hrs.

Yes, we do provide the demanding products but only the demanding categories.

We will be providing you out of stock sheet every fortnightly and New stock sheet every monthly.

We have a image frame of 800 x 800.

For return and refund of products kindly follow the link given below:


We will be providing you the .CSV sheet you can upload that on Amazon,flipkart templates we can guide you but listing you have to be done from your end.

Yes we provide the most competitive rates. but its solely depend upon the quantity.

We are manufacturer of few article as women inner wear category.

In drop shipping module shipping is from our end so you did not worry about quality of the products.

Our all the product goes through quality control we will also send its copy to you.

In dropship module we do not have any minimum order quantity requirement.

Its updated on weekly & fortnightly basis.

Product data feed file will be sent on weekly basis unless and until its very urgent or we do not have reserve inventory.

For these issues kindly click on the link given below


Yes for diamond plan shipping is free.

Yes we provide your invoice along with plain poly for all the products.

Standard Delivery time is 4-7 days depending upon the reach to the destinations.We provide independent drop ship panel to you where we update tracking details .

As per Amazon policy their templates are changing every three month so its no viable for us to provide Amazon sheets however technical guidance will be provided from our end.

Yes we charge one time set up fee for Silver plan B@ INR 2500.

Yes we will send you .CSV sheet along with image link for bulk uploading.

Courier package will be in plain poly along with your invoice inside it.

No we do not provide manual facility for listings.

Yes COD facility available above INR 599 as their are COD collection Charges of INR 99 by courier partner.

Payment terms will remain the same as you have to buy the product from us with the independent drop ship panel provided by us.We will ship on your behalf and tracking details updated on your panel.

Packaging will be in plain poly with your invoice inside it.Branding is available on above higher drop ship accounts.

For Product Categories kindly visit our website from the link given below:


Number of product depend upon the dropship plan you purchase.Kindly click on the link given below:


No their is no API integration we will be sending you .CSV files along with image link for bulk uploading.

Kindly click on the link given below:


For Corporate account firstly you have to purchase Platinium account.If you provide good sales for 6 month then you are automatically eligible for corporate account.Our Drop ship team will then contact you.

Yes we do offer COD facility but its over INR 500 only as there are INR 99 COD collection charges.

No we do not share our branding .Package will be sent in plain poly with your invoice inside it.

Yes we do provide .CSV file in your Shopify template.

Yes every product has its own ID number.

We will provide you the independent drop ship panel to work with.Everything regarding order,shipping,payment,tracking will be done from there.

We do not integrate with shopify but we provide .CSV sheet in Shopify format for bulk uploading.

Its the one time set up fee we charge from our end their is no credit policy in that amount.

Its the one time set up fee you have to keep additional amount on your drop ship wallet for purchasing.

Yes we can provide service for any market places li/ke Amazon,flipkart etc.

Out of Stock update will be send from our end every fortnight while New stock sheet will be sent every month.

Out of Stock update will be send from our end every fortnight while New stock sheet will be sent every month.

Mail will be sent to your registered mail ID from our support team.

Every brand which is available in Seasonway you are liable to sell those products.As far as category is concern you will get every category products except Home appliances& Mobile which are not included in Silver accounts category.

We can provide you products in Shopify templates.So you can easily do bulk uploading.

Yes discount mentioned can be used as profit margin.You can change price according to your liking.

Yes we do have.We have currently more than 1000 drop shippers with us.

For orders we will provide you independent dropship panel to work with.Everything will be done from drop ship panel.

You have to place the order from drop ship panel.Regarding the product data feed files we will be sending you .CSV sheet along with images link for bulk uploading.

Kindly go through our refund policy:


It totally depend upon you but generally we provide our warehouse address so that products return to our warehouse.

No our brand name will not shown in Images.

Yes you can have your own shipping.In that shipping charges will not apply to you.

Drop ship System is totally automatic we have no control over it.

The set up fees is one time fee that we charge it can not be use as store credit.

Their are no additional charges for the drop shipping panel we will be providing to you if you want us to create website for you then you have to mail us on hello@seasonsway.com.

Discount will be depend upon the category Say for Example in Gold account in mobile&Tablet category and in home appliances category you will be getting discount of 5% in all other categories you will be getting discount of 16%

Currently we have 1000 drop shipper with us and they are making handsome amount in other market places as well as in their own websites.

Their are training available(paid training) otherwise guidance can be provided from our technical team.

Its a firm fee their is no negotiation.

Normally fifteen days or its totally removed from the category.

Domestic 4-6 days ; International 5-9 days.

Only when you provide packaging material to us.

Product goes to QC team then after product ok confirmation mkove to packaging team thereon move to Service partner.

For India Shipping charges same: for International shipping charges different kindly find the link:

Domestic Shipping Policy : http://seasonsway.com/india/dropshipping/shipping.php

International Shipping Policy: http://seasonsway.com/orders/details/international-shipping.php

We will provide you drop ship panel to work with.From their everything will be done.

Kindly find the link:


Account Type - http://seasonsway.com/india/dropshipping/seasonsway-account.php

Yes we do sell but through our drop shipper only in all market places.

Yes we will send you .CSV sheet of 1500 product if you think most of the products are not of your choice.You can take these product directly from our portal and can provide SKU to us.

For payment return/refund kindly click on the link given below:

1. Dropship Terms & Conditions:


2. Refund & Exchange policy


In Platinum discount is 25%.(Except for Mobile & home appliance category)

For corporate A/c first you have to buy platinum account your sale will be monitered for six month if your sale per month is good then you can be eligible for Corporate account.

Yes you can upgrade to other account by paying the balance amount.