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✓ Hand Blender
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  1. Maharaja Whtieline Jazz + Hand Blender
    Special Price ₹1,425.00 Regular Price ₹1,565.00
  2. Singer Solo Hand Blenders White
    Special Price ₹999.00 Regular Price ₹1,099.00
  3. Prestige PHB 8.0 Hand blender
    Special Price ₹3,999.00 Regular Price ₹4,295.00
  4. Prestige PHB 5.0 Hand blender
    Special Price ₹1,295.00 Regular Price ₹1,795.00
  5. Prestige PHB 6.0 Hand blender
    Special Price ₹1,999.00 Regular Price ₹2,100.00
  6. Philips HR1602 Blender with Chopper White
    Special Price ₹2,800.00 Regular Price ₹2,999.00
  7. Philips HR1600 Bar Blender White
    Special Price ₹2,000.00 Regular Price ₹2,199.00
  8. Philips HR1363/04 Bar Blender White
    Special Price ₹2,800.00 Regular Price ₹2,999.00
  9. Philips HR1363/04 Hand Blender White
    Special Price ₹2,800.00 Regular Price ₹2,945.00
  10. Philips HR1351/C 250 W Hand Blender(White)
    Special Price ₹2,599.00 Regular Price ₹2,929.00
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Hand blender Online

Buy Hand blender Online @ Seasonsway.com

Have you ever seen your mom transferring boiled veggies from a cooking pot to a food processor for preparing soup? If you have, then you probably remember how messy the entire process is. Blending salad dressings and other dishes such as soups and gravies can be a messy business. It involves a lot of cleaning and makes the food preparation a time-taking process. But that’s not the case if you have a hand blender. It’s one versatile appliance which you can use for multiple purposes such as whisking, blending and emulsifying food and making purees. Some people also call it an immersion blender. 

A hand blender is a favourite of many chefs, especially because of its handy design. If they have to blend some curd with spices or beat eggs, then they don’t need to reach out for the food processor. They can simply plug in the hand blender and finish the job right there on the counter. Not only that, these blenders can also be used to puree soups while the cooking pot is on the stove. 

Buy Online Choppers and Blenders

Blending and chopping can be a tedious job while preparing a full course meal. However, you can explore the impressive collection of vegetable choppers and blenders online. These kitchen appliances are utilitarian and allow you to prepare food fast and easy. You can opt for a regular blender to make perfect purees, soups and shakes. For finely cutting vegetables, fruits or meat you can get a chopper which minimises preparation time.

Effective & easily handle Choppers and Blenders

Is the very thought of cooking for guests giving you worries? Then worry no more as mixing, grinding or whisking ingredients for a dish is no more a difficult task. Appliances like a mini chopper or blender are easy to operate. Moreover, the light in weight and sleek design allows you to place them on your kitchen counter and operate them at the same time. If you have less space in your kitchen then you can opt for a mini chopper for cutting vegetables or a hand blender for whisking cake batter. These appliances are handy, efficient, smart and affordable.

Point to consider before buying Hand blender Online:

Most people who are buying a hand blender online for the first time can get easily confused looking at the many varieties that are available. While comparing different models and their prices is a good thing, it’s also important to know what features to look out for. So here are some tips to help you buy your first hand blender.

Power - It’s important that you check if the appliance you select can handle heavy-duty jobs such as making smoothies or blending meat and vegetables. A powerful stick blender will not die on you while making a sauce or preparing frozen drinks. But, if it has a weak build, then it would be suitable only for light tasks such as beating eggs or whisking fresh cream, which will not serve your purpose entirely unless that’s your reason for buying this kitchen appliance . The best thing to do is to look for blenders that work on 200-220 watts power and above.

Design - It’s better to buy a blender that has a long handle. That way you can easily prepare a smoothie in a big container without getting food on your hand. It also helps when you are using it directly on the veggies in a pan while cooking. Also, make sure that it’s not too heavy on your hand and has a good grip. You should also check the positioning of the cord as it should not get in your way while working.

Cord or Cordless - There are different models that come without a cord. Cordless blenders can be quite user-friendly. But it can be a little heavy because of the extra battery placed inside the body. On the other hand, blenders with cords can be light. Just make sure you buy the one that has a long cord.

Maintenance - Most hand or stick blenders online are available in easy-to-clean designs. You just need to wash the stick end with warm running water right in your sink. Some models also come with detachable shafts or blades which can be easily separated and washed in a dishwasher.


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