how-much-money-can-i-make-drop-shipping.jpg was first the company to introduce dropshipping bussiness in India in 2012.This vision of Seasonsway was actual portrait to frame on 2012 by introducing drop ship module in E commerce online shopping website in India.

How much money can I make Drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a sales method where a consumer makes orders online and these orders are forwarded to a vendor. This vendor ships the orders from a warehouse to the customer directly. A drop shipping store owner gains the difference between end-user prices and vendor prices. More and more entrepreneurs are getting involved into drop shipping business.

When starting an online business, one of the key elements is having products to sell. In fact, without products... you don't have a business at all. That's pretty obvious, right?

So how do you get products...where do you find them... how do you know if they'll sell... how do you get them to customers?

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Drop shipping Business: Potential Opportunities and Benefits

  • Low barrier to entry is #1 reason that makes dropshipping "hot"
  • High-speed settlement of transaction
  • Lack of territorial reference
  • Auto operation for twenty-four-hour working condition
  • Unlimited possibilities for promotion
  • Interactive communication

In most cases drop shipping is a side business which one has apart from the main activity or college. Especially at the beginning.

Starting a Drop Shipping Business

Estimates vary. But industry watchers have found that between 20 percent to 30 percent of online retailers use drop shipping. So it's a proven business model, and you'll be in good company if you go this route. Even big retailers like Amazon use drop shipping. With drop shipping, you can sell just about any product in any niche. And the best part is you don't have to deal with the hassles of traditional businesses, such as:

Storing your products (it can be very expensive to buy massive amounts of inventory, rent warehouse space and who want to fill a spare bedroom or garage with boxes)

Packaging or shipping any products (can you imagine the hassle of taking orders and boxing them up multiple times a day... and heading to the post office?) This is definitely not a scalable way to do business.

Most importantly... you don't have to put down your money upfront to buy products wholesale to resell... that you aren't sure will sell.

You see, when you run a business through drop shipping, you avoid all of those risks and potential loss of capital investment.

Now that we've taken a look at the benefits of a drop shipping business let's take a look at how the business model of drop shipping actually works.

How Drop Shipping Works

With drop shipping, you work with a wholesaler or distributor that offers this service. Not all manufacturers and wholesalers offer drop shipping, but many do.

You handle all the marketing for your business... you set up your website with a shopping cart (or set up a virtual storefront on Amazon)... write your blog... do social media and email marketing... you contact the prospects and customers. You tell them all about the products and how it will make their lives better. Basically, you do all of the marketing, advertising, and promotion to get the customers and make the sale.

But when it comes time to actually send out the product and fulfill it... the drop shipper takes over. They have the inventory in their warehouse. You send them the orders that come in, paying the wholesale price for each order. This can be done by email, submitted online, or through a spreadsheet file - it depends on the drop shipper. They put the order together and ship it to your customer

But you can still stay profitable as a drop shipping business, despite the thinner margins. If you want to increase your profits you raise your prices - at least as much as your market will bear. You can also sell more volume. And you can always contact your drop shipper to negotiate a lower handling fee.

Remember though, that you aren't risking your money upfront. You are only paying these fees if you actually sell a product.

What Products Can Be Drop Shipped

As with any online business, you want to be in a market that is "hot" and where there is a large number of people ready to buy the products you sell. In the best-case scenario, the niche you specialize in should also match one of your personal interests.

If you have a passion for a certain market or type of product, that enthusiasm will make your marketing efforts and by extension your business... will be stronger. Not only that, but you'll actually enjoy what you're doing - making your work seem more like play. What's better than getting paid to do what you love?

Fortunately, there are drop shipping companies that work with just about every market, niche, and type of product. Baby items, women apparels, electronics, home household items.

A great place to check for hot niches is big online e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Whatever items are on the bestseller lists there could be a great fit for a drop shipping business. But also keep an eye on trends you see on Facebook and other social networks.

A big mistake a lot of people make when starting any type of business, drop shipping included, is that if they see other people doing it they think it's too competitive and they can't make any money in it. Nothing could be further from the truth.If you see a lot of competition that's the sure sign of a big, healthy, profitable market.

Picking a Drop Shipper

Before you ever start working with a drop shipper, you should go through the order process yourself from a customer's point of view. You want to see how easy it is to order the product, how long it takes to ship, how the drop shipper deals with any problems.

Of course, this will also give you the chance to also see the quality of the product. You want to make sure this is something you'll be proud to offer your customers. In some cases, dropshippers will be willing to send you a complimentary product for evaluation or at least sell it to you at their cost.

If you are into a niche and have used other products that are similar, you can test the product yourself. Use it. Study it. Does it do what is promised? Is it made of quality material or ingredients? Check the reviews of others online to see if your experience matches up. If you're not into the niche, have a friend or family member try the product. And also be sure to thoroughly check online reviews, forums in that niche to see any comments from users, Facebook too. Do your research, in other words.

Knowing the product will also help you sell it. Your marketing will be that much more authentic and effective.

Drop Shipping Really Is One of the Easiest Ways to Do Business Online

A drop shipping online business is a quick, easy, and low-risk way to start selling online. You won't have to put up a bunch of money upfront on inventory that might not sell. And your drop shipping partner will handle delivery. Pick the right niche market and product, and you could have a profitable venture on your hands. You could even expand into other niches and sell other products, too. There are many people making healthy six and seven-figures strictly from a dropshipping business... the possibilities really are endless with a drop shipping business.

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