how-do-i-drop-ship-effectively.jpg was first the company to introduce dropshipping bussiness in India in 2012.This vision of Seasonsway was actual portrait to frame on 2012 by introducing drop ship module in E commerce online shopping website in India.

How do I Drop ship Effectively?

It is one of the biggest challenges in drop shipping that if you are dropshipping you will have to do a lot of research on how to get this done effectively. There is no better way to start e-commerce than dropshipping. Regarding what products to sell via drop shipping, you might easily be tempted to offer just about anything that can generate a reasonable profit, but the key to successful drop shipping is to develop a strong brand and have a solid plan for how you can add value to your customers.

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Some Points to do Dropship Effectively

1. Reduce shipping time.

I can't tell for your customers if the delivery times would put them off. It is all up to you, to your niche and your skills. Nevertheless, I, as a customer would rather buy something slightly more expensive to receive it faster. You can use a forwarder for this issue or make an agreement with your supplier to ship through some kind of logistic company. Nevertheless, some customers would agree with long shipping . For them you can offer a cheaper option which involves slower shipping for lesser rate.

2. Customer clearance.

Ensure customer clearance can do their process as effectively as possible. You can't ask them to work more effectively but you can make sure you and the drop shipping  company in China are as transparent as possible and share all the information needed is the way it should be:

  • Your company has an import license.
  • Use default packages.
  • Label your packages correctly. Use the right documents
  • Use the correct tax and import codes
  • Use the processes customs provide to get things done more quicker. I am not very familiar with US customs but for sure they have certain programs to subscribe to
  • Use the most efficient border point

3. Choose the right company to ship with

Some shipping companies just have better relationships with customs and in between shippers and are therefor able to get packages quicker from A to B. They use automated systems to share information what makes life more easy for everybody.

4. Offer customized package

Since your buyer purchases from your store, they will automatically believe that the products are from your business originally. Details of packaging and shipping will be expected by the customers to be handled by you. Many are very particular about details like that so you must know if the drop ship supplier can customize the packages of your products to appear as originally yours.

5 Drop shipping Fees

  • High traffic volume
  • High sales as per supplier data
  • High and sustainable profitability
  • Easy to scale
  • Low technical skills needed

Dropshipping Tips for New Entrepreneurs

1. Focus on Mastering Marketing

With so many aspects of a dropshipping business being automated, you'll have more time to focus on marketing. While tweaking a website, designing a logo, and creating graphics can be a lot of fun, marketing is the money maker. You'll need to spend time learning how to master ads, grow your traffic, converting your store's visitors.

Ads and search engine optimization can help drive more traffic to your store. Keep in mind that most ecommerce stores convert at a rate of 1-2%. That means if you have less than 100 visitors on your site you probably won't be getting any sales. The more traffic you can get to your store the more likely you are to convert the sale. Most focus on ads as it's instant gratification and can drive a lot of sales in a short time. However, SEO can help drive the long term sales by allowing you to rank high in search. Creating blog content and optimizing product pages can help you build an audience in search with minimal ad spend keeping your acquisition costs low.

2. Create an Amazing Offer

An important drop shipping tip is to create a compelling offer. Don't be the store owner who fails to include sales or bundles. If none of your products are on sale people may lack the motivation to buy your product. However, if you present the right product with the right deal you'll be more likely to convert them.

Bundle deals can also work really well. When creating a bundle deal, focus on selling more of the same product. For example, if you sell hair extensions your bundle would include more hair extensions. If people love the product, they'll want more of it. The hard part is convincing your customer to pull out his or her credit card, but once it's out - upsell, upsell, upsell.

3. Avoid Underpricing Your Products - Dropshipping Tips

Dropshipping products allows you to keep your product costs low. The cost of goods are usually relatively close to wholesale price, allowing you to sell products at market value and make a profit. The goal of a dropshipping business is to be profitable

4. Remove Bad Suppliers Quickly

While most suppliers are easy to work with, reliable, and offer good products, sometimes a bad apple or two slip through. Many suppliers sell similar products, allowing you to sometimes even sell the exact same product but from another manufacturer.

If you notice suppliers don't use the shipping delivery method you've chosen or consistently ship faulty products, then you can easily remove their products from your store. Again, this isn't very common. Suppliers know that by offering quality service you'll continue bringing them more sales

5. Ensure Your Website is Presentable

One of the most important dropshipping tips is to make sure your website is customer friendly. By that I mean your website shouldn't scare off a customer. Many new store owners start marketing their stores when their home page is missing images, has placeholder text and all of their products are lumped together in one big category.

Before launching your store, take a look at other websites in your niche. What does their home page look like? What's the format of the copy on their product page? Do their images include logos on them? What types of pages does their website have? Which features or apps does the store include on their website?

After taking notes about the look and layout of different stores in your niche. You might include countdown timers, shoppable instagram galleries or affiliate programs. You can also add pages to your website such as refund policies, FAQs, shipping information, and more

6. General Vs. Niche Store

If the goal of creating a store is purely for experimentation and to find the right niche, create a general store. You'll still need to create separate product categories for each product type to allow for easy browsing. While most successful stores start with a specific niche focus, the idea behind the general store would be that it's your starter store.

If you've already done your research or have validated your business idea, you should work on building out a niche store. Your niche store allows you to have a focus making finding the right audience for your products easy. The running niche would be an example of a niche within the general fitness category. You don't need to include your niche name in your domain if you plan to expand into other product categories as you grow. Brands like Amazon started as a niche store (online book store) and eventually expanded to become a store that sells everything.

7. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Write them thank you cards if they order from your store multiple times. Run monthly give aways exclusive to customers who've ordered from you in the past. Do whatever it takes to make each customer feel valued and appreciated. If it weren't for them, you wouldn't become a success. Start these customer appreciation habits from your very first sale.

Customers might not always remember what they bought from your website but they'll always remember how you treated them.

8. Choose Products Based on Figures

Its easy to find the best products. If products have received thousands of orders then they have the social proof to validate them as a product worth selling. Once you find the products with the highest volume, you want to take a look at the reviews. Are the product reviews high? Do the customer pictures look like the product picture? Are there a lot of positive product reviews? If so, you'll want to add that product to your store as it's likely to get positive feedback from you as well. You also want to look at the seller rating to ensure that overall feedback is positive.

Be picky about the products you add to your store. Don't merely add products because they look nice and you'd like it for yourself. Look at the data - are these products getting sales and positive feedback. Doing so will give you a better chance of landing your first sale.

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