can-you-really-get-rich-by-drop-shipping.jpg was first the company to introduce dropshipping bussiness in India in 2012.This vision of Seasonsway was actual portrait to frame on 2012 by introducing drop ship module in E commerce online shopping website in India.

Can you really get rich by Drop shipping?

Depending on how good you are with handling your transaction, drop shipping have the possibility to making your rich beyond your imagination as you practically have less to worry about in goods or products damage since you are working as a middleman to finalize the deal and make your business cut from the transaction. I have seen lots of successful people who are into the business.

Success in drop shipping is completely relative and has many variables.

Like any other business that we think are easy, we also need to follow some steps and learn from detours along the way. Based on personal experience, everyday is still a learning to improve and become better on what we do.

Success in the drop shipping business can start in looking for supplier to the niche you have chosen. Then, carefully choose what platform you are going to use to sell your products. After you have posted and uploaded the items you are selling, you can decide how are you going to market your items.

Competition is quite tough. You need extra creativity to sell and outrank your competitor. As advice for marketing, go for both offline and online strategies. For online ways, you can opt social media marketing or and search engine optimization.

Drop shipping is a world of challenges from getting sales, placing the order in your supplier, logistics, customer support - but only through facing these is the chance for us to grow being a better entrepreneur.

Being an Entrepreneurship is becoming a huge trend, very popular. And so is Dropshipping. But websites and media, and fake guru's are over-hyping it and convincing soo many people to start it without giving them proper expectations of what is truly required for success. There are tons of people out there getting involved in the hype, starting up a business, and wondering why they have 0 sales after 6 months.

If you want to make it big in dropshipping, you got to find a unique way of doing it, something above and beyond your competitors. Find a specific niche and grow it, it'll be an uphill grind. But if you can make it over the hill, and become that small percentage of dropshippers that find success, then yes you can get rich. But it's no different than any other business in overall outlook.

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A Niche

Right, the tough one. Picking a niche is a must as well, meaning you need to figure out your audience and what products you are going to sell to them

Picking a niche is no easy task, and you should also know that you may not get it right the first time around, that is ok. Don't get too bummed out if your niche is not working out, you can always change it later down the line.

All drop shippers have struggled with this obstacle and the only way to get through it is to keep testing out products and audiences as you go along. Eventually, you will land on a winning niche and a winning product. It's actually very rare to get it right the first time around so again; do not be bummed out if the first one doesn't go well.

Getting rich is never easy, be prepared to work for it and yes; even spending money to make money (Drop shipping is not free).

How to Get Rich with Drop Shipping ?

Getting rich is not easy, as we already shared. If it were; everyone would be doing drop shipping. However, there's a lot of potential for people to get rich using funds earned from drop shipping in order to scale their business.

Here are a few things to turn my drop shipping profits into more (passive) income online as time goes by.

Investing in a better store:

Investing your money back into your business instead of buying "wasting"your money away is always a smart move. If you have a store that is making sales, spend some money on making it better (ever store/website can always be improved). Get some graphic designers to design some cools visuals; do anything that you can (that is within your budget) to make your store better than it was before. This will surely help you make more money as time goes by and you learn more and more about how to improve it.

Investing in an Affiliate Marketing Income:

Affiliate marketing has been my first love and I have been doing this for many years, longer than I've been doing drop shipping. To me, it still is the easiest way to make money online, some drop shippers may disagree, but it depends on who you ask. Affiliate marketing is a beast and it's growing stronger each passing year. Once you start making money with drop shipping, consider starting an affiliate website. You won't regret it I promise you.

Investing in Crypto currencies:

Well, there's a great opportunity to make money with them at the current time so investing some of your drop shipping earnings into crypto is not a bad idea. As always, be careful about what projects to back and only put the money you can afford to lose. I put around 20% of my monthly income into cryptos each month and will be holding them for years, my favorites (if you're asking) are IOTA and XRP.

Investing in Training:

Yes, this is another huge one and one that I suggest you do as soon as you can. Get some proper training! Free guides like the ones you are reading now are extremely valuable and you will learn a lot but there is nothing like having a structured course showing you all the steps you need to take while in the company of other drop shippers with varied experiences. Training is great and you will be doing yourself and your business a favor by investing in some training that will teach you all you need to to know about drop shipping. The training course I followed is the eCom elites training, highly recommended.

Investing in Real Estate:

My next goal, which I haven't quite started yet is to invest parts of my online income into real estate. I still believe real estate is the safest and most rewarding investment you can ever make so pretty soon (hopefully 2019) I will be making moves into the real estate markets as well. If you want to get rich with drop shipping, or just rich in general, you need to make investments. A job won't make you rich and one income stream won't (likely) make you rich either. You need to make smart investments and real estate, in my humble opinion, is one of the best investments you can make.Tools To Use For Drop Shipping If you are a beginner starting with drop shipping, then all that I have explained above will be enough for you to get started but if you are further down the line and are already making a few bucks with your store, you need to see how to optimize your store. I have written a post about my top 12 Shopify Apps that help me grow my business to new levels, go check that out.

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