Seasonsway.com was first the company to introduce dropshipping bussiness in India in 2012.This vision of Seasonsway was actual portrait to frame on 2012 by introducing drop ship module in E commerce online shopping website in India.

5 Steps Guide to Start Drop ship Business in India

Before applying or coordinating with any drop ship companies one must know the basic steps to start your drop ship program in India.Drop shipping for the sake of drop shipping is counter intuitive to good business. To start a drop shipping business, you need a suitable platform. It is there that your potential customer will view all your items and place their orders. But which platform is right for your business? Your task is to choose the platform that will bring you the highest profits. Some step by step procedure to start drop shipping business given below:

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5 Steps Guide to Start Drop shipping Business

Step 1:

Find a supplier

You need to explore a few different possible suppliers. Before you can start searching for your reliable drop ship supplier, you'll need to ensure you have a few things taken care of. Wholesale drop shipper often needs proof that you're a serious retailer and not just a consumer before they even consider partnering with you. Address this issue before it occurs and make sure you have your business Tin/ Vat no , as well as a copy of your company Pan Card and Registration number.

Before negotiating a deal with them, ask:

  • How long it will take for an order to be shipped once you have placed the order with them?
  • What shipping methods do they offer? E.g. DTDC Courier, or for international suppliers, which company they use and what their tracking systems are like.
  • What are their quality control systems? You don't want to be dealing with sub-standard products; it will mean lots of hassles with returns, which wastes valuable time you could spend on making money.
  • Do they offer warranties?
  • Can you use their product photos? Large wholesalers often have professional product photos taken which will make your listings all the more professional looking?

Step 2:

Choose a platform to sell

All drop shipper will have some kind of product data feed files in form of CSV/XML/XLS which will contain all their inventory, the selling prices, sizes, colors, images links,descriptions,short descriptions etc. Easiest way to start selling product with eBay & Shop clues. What you need to do , is log into your eBay account, and list the items for sale, generally be careful about the pricing you set, because eBay can be very competitive, and unless you make the prices attractive, then you may struggle to sell any products. This is one of the reasons why choosing the reliable drop shipper is absolutely important. You really need to work with a drop ship company that offers competitive prices, and are not middlemen themselves, because if you don't choose a manufacturer or wholesaler as your drop shipper, then your pricing can never be competitive, and then you find difficulty to sell and make any profits.

Step 3:

Manage your listings

When drop shipping, you will list your products in the same way you would if you had the stock on hand, but when selling on eBay (and some other sites, you must check individual policies), you must disclose in your listing to all potential buyers the location of your item.

For example, if your supplier is based in Switzerland , you must display this in your listing so that buyers are aware that there may be longer than expected shipping times.

Step 4:

The Order with The Dropshipper

After your customer has paid you, you should contact the drop shipper immediately to order the product on your customer's behalf. The drop shipper then ships the order to your customer under your name

Step 5:

Tracking details with Dropshipper

Once your dropshipper have shipped the products on your behalf kindly clarify everything like product invoice,product poly was by your name only.Their should be no advertisement of your drop shipper on it.Once you are ok with it ask for the tracking details(kindly note courier partner should be a established one in India like,bluedar,DTDC,Delhivery,ECom,Indian post etc)

This is where many new e-business people drop the ball. Just because your customer has paid you and you've placed the order with the drop shipper does not mean that you are out of the loop. If there are problems with the order you are the one that will be held responsible in the eyes of your customer.

Be proactive in your customer relations. Follow up with your customer to let them know that the item has been shipped. And offer them personal contact.

In case of problems, it's good to let the manufacturer handle it, and forward personal contact information to the client, or let the manufacturer contact the client directly.

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