Proud Seasonsway Companion

   Seasonsway Success journey under way in March 2013, an experienced M.Tech Engineer(Mr. Vijay Mahtolia) along with its counterpart International MBA from Oxford(Mr. Nitin Shah)  joins hand with Founder of, which was Delhi based start up that have enter into online arena with an innovative vision. Seasonsway was a small entity in online shopping industries but its lucrative vision have propelled both these entrepreneurs to quit their lucrative jobs and work with their respective teams to attain the vision in stipulated timeframe.

On 2013 Vijay Mahtolia became a part of An experienced lad who has completed his engineering from Pantnagar University one of India’s top education hub.  Working for 12 year in a reputed organization like “Eicher” gaining the hard core experience in technical decided, make a move to Seasonsway. The reason mentioned “An Innovative vision which provides opportunity for every entrepreneur sitting any where globally to express themselves even on small scale.”His innovative ideas along with technical knowledge and ability to express ideas has gain pace to complete vision with outrageous team of

His counterpart & boyhood Nitin Shah an entrepreneur completed MBA from University of London working for 10 year with “D.J. Builder Pvt ltd” in multiple International countries of Asia & Europe came in touch with through Vijay founded the Seasonsway vision very lucrative and decided to join hand in attaining vision. His sheer marketing knowledge and exposure to different countries & languages have made the vision broaden globally. Effective Seasonsway team along with its counterpart has made it easier for him to make a way for accomplishing the vision.


This supreme combination of both Entrepreneurs along with their founder encored the positive & exact direction to vision of Team has work effectively & efficiently for drop ship module whose creation was done by the technical team led by Vijay Mahtolia. Now the promotional team led by Nitin Shah came into picture and start promoting drop ship module in India in initial phase. Success phase started for Seasonsway as Entrepreneur from different part of India started to be part of Seasonsway team and started to make their  own contribution for success.

Drop ship Module Huge Success:

This drop ship module of have started to cover every part of India either it’s a metro place or interior area individual with internet connectivity and zeal to work in the online industries has opened door for them through Seasonsway which offer opportunities to express themselves in online marketplaces with big giant like Amazon, E-bay, Flip kart, Snap deal etc. Seasonsway also provide opportunity for individuals which lack team(effective team is needed to taste the flavor of success). can be a vendor of these online portals with the help of effective Seasonsway Team. Broader nary vision of Seasonsway “Buy as Guest Sale via Drop ship” have started to take its full toll by end of 2013. A mere timeframe of Six month Seasonsway started to have drop shippers from every part of the country. “First phase  completed with a bang says”, Founder Rakesh Mahtolia this innovative idea of drop ship module was an eye catching bliss which no entrepreneur want to miss.

Framed Suiting & Shirting Fabric Online:

In a mind bobbling decision with founder Rakesh Mahtolia, superlative team framed decision of encoring Suiting & Shirting business into online shopping industries. This onerous journey with Seasonsway team opened door for online buyer as well as for other giant market places Amazon, E-bay, Flip kart, Snap deal etc. Suiting & Shirting was Framed in Jan 2014 in Seasonsway portal by its technical team and then the demand of online suiting & shirting buyer increases which bring marketing team of into party and started to sell Suiting & Shirting not in Seasonsway but also in other market places. Several brand of Suiting & Shirting like Raymond etc has been started to portrait in every portal of online industries. At the end of 2014 Suiting & Shirting was  huge success and this category have become one of the hottest selling article in Seasonsway as well as in other market places ”We are the first online shopping portal in India that makes Suiting & Shirting available for online buyers as well as for other market places also” reveals Vijay.

Decision to move Internationally:

To broaden the vision of Seasonsway decision was taken to move Seasonsway in the International online market. Enormous demand to become a drop shipper via drop ship module and love for Indian products has propelled Seasonsway decision to move internationally, this foundation was laid on Feb 2015, marketing team makes a move on and started to capture the international online market. Love for Indian products from the International buyer and dream to work in online business via drop ship module helps Seasonsway broaden the vision “Buy as Guest Sale via Drop ship” Globally.

” Vision was best suited  in International market enterpreneur from every part of countries want to contribute and become an integral part of” reveal Nitin. Our superlative combination of Seasonsway team have done wonders this is not last step to this successful journey. There are many uncompleted and raw plans to execute which propel same spark, like beginner always and that will remain for long period of time.