Raymond Trousers Online: Polished Flavor !!

Raymond Trousers Online: Polished Flavor !!

Raymond Trouser are the most demanding product for men, boys, girls and women. It holds the true era of professional zest with class. Giving the best composition of its material, it also manages the reputation of formal wear in meetings,event or any proceeding in the Organisation.Professional zest are increasing day by day making Raymond trouser one of the hottest propert in Suiting & Shirting division. Raymond products are available in different attractive fabrics which are given below :-

a) Merino Wool Fabrics

                The term Merino comes from the breed of Sheep which is known for its wool. The Merino Sheep has to have a very best kind of wool for protection from the environment elements. Merino Wool is very warm and also stays warm even when it’s wet, making it perfect for anyone with an active life-style. The wool also adjust body temperature from its natural breath-ability, it provides cool feeling in summer by absorbing away the moisture while keeping you comfortable. Apart from this it has natural antibacterial properties which control the odor and stretches in moving. Raymond Trousers are beautifully crafted with Merino Wool fabric that will surely provide a comfortable and professional wear.


b) Woolen Blended Fabrics

            Woolen Blended fabrics are the mixtures of two fabrics, for those who are not comfortable with Merino Wool can opt for Woolen Blended fabrics. Woolen fabrics are more volatile than cotton or synthetic fibers and holds heat in extremely well. Keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool in summer. It also absorbs the moisture away and releases it into the air. It is fire resistant and a very safe fabric. Raymond Woolen Blended Trouser Fabrics are perfect fit clothing symbol for good dressing and gentle look. The light-weight Woolen Fabrics are perfect choice for both formal & In-formal dressing.


c) Cotton Blended Fabrics

            Cotton Blended Fabrics are also the mixtures of two fibers; Cotton is a natural fiber which is produced by the cotton plant. It act smooth and silky towards the skin and doesn’t irritate. For those who have sensitive skin Cotton fiber is best option it reduces the allergic reactions. Cotton fibers can adapt into many different forms, it can knitted into fabrics such as velvet, corduroy, chambray, velour, jersey and flannel. It also acts stronger when wet. Made from Cotton Blended Raymond Trousers is gentle, lightweight and reliable that will provide you the best look with strong nice charm.

d) Poly Blended Fabrics

            Poly Blended Fabrics is a resultant of mixtures of two fibers. It is mostly blended with fiber like cotton and viscose. Polyester Fabrics is synthetic material which is anti-wrinkle and machine washable. It is very smooth but not soft with high strength. On the other hand polyester is very cheap and has poor absorbency; it is a light weight fabric and resistant to shrinking, stretching, mildew and creasing. Raymond Trousers made up with this fabric can bring you the unique feel whether a traditional functions or a business meeting. Raymond Trousers will surely leave a long lasting impression.
e) Linen Fabrics

            Linen Fabric is obtained from Flax Plant; it is a natural fiber with the title of world’s strongest natural fiber. The fiber is heavy and thicker from cotton and has irregular length. Linen Fabric has more natural texture than other fabrics; it feels silky with high brightness. It has a tendency to prevent bacterial growth and becomes stronger when wet. During summer it keeps you cool and locked the warmness in winters. We can also call it natural insulator. It can also reduce the buildup of static electricity. So, the Linen wearer can say no to mini-shocks. Raymond Trousers made up with Linen Fabric can provide you a gentle touch that will change your entire getup into young, rich and elegant personality.

Raymond Trousers – Patterns
            Raymond Trousers are available in many different patterns like lining, self lining, thick stripes, thin stripes, small checks, large checks, plain and mutli-colour Give your style a boost with these trousers and enjoy the pride of being a class.


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