Drop Ship Truth


Drop ship conform the viability of an individual want to make their name in professional field.Before availing the drop ship facilities or module one should understand the actual truth about drop shipping.Once you started to relish the drop ship facilities must considerate all the pros and cons of drop ship module whether it is going to benefit you or it can have an adverse effect on your life or it makes you dependent upon other in your professional area.All these calculative point can be re frame by knowing the drop ship truth. 

What actually Drop ship is ????

Drop ship mainly process in which an individual or a firm act as a mediator and sell others products in their own website or in other market places like(Amazon,Snap deal,E-bay,Flip kart, etc).Drop ship module can be of different types: 

1). Free Drop shipping Truth: 

"Their is a famous saying that any successful business can not be done without money"Many of the companies are providing free drop ship facilities the reason behind is that they want their own self growth and development viability of their products and branding.Basically in a Conclusive way they are doing promotions for their firm and products, gathering the data and utilizing them for their traffic addition and promotion.Individual and firms even cant say a word to them about their own sales promotion and growth as they are not liable and are totally dependent on Drop ship firm for their future expansion.

2).Paid Drop shipping Truth:

Drop ship companies providing paid drop ship module or facilities  provides boost in your online business. Individual or firm not only increase their professional zest as well as also work as USP for drop ship companies.Individual can participate in their own future expansion as for the expansion of drop ship firm.In paid drop ship module you can select account of your own choice by knowing your capability  and how much your pocket is allowing to you?.

Many drop ship Companies in India came with a vision of paid drop ship module for the firm and future Entrepreneurs  to get success in online field and can use their own creation and innovation for their future expansion. 

Before availing Drop ship facilities one must consider pros and cons of drop shipping module and be very selective in that: 

How is that Drop ship firm?

One must know before availing drop ship module from which drop ship firms they are buying the drop ship module,why this firm is providing drop ship facilities? reason behind that ,What are the future plan for expansion? etc.All these queries can be answered by visiting the"About Us"page of Drop ship firm, from their you can get clear idea What a drop ship firm thinks about drop ship module ,reason,expansion all your queries will get reply.This also reflect authenticity of a drop ship firm. 

Clear Idea & thought process:

You must be clear in your mind about drop ship module also considered the thought process behind that.One should have gain good knowledge about online marketing and should be clear in his thought how to proceed further as well as gain confidence to work in comptetive online field..

Complete knowledge of drop ship module:

Before buying drop ship module you must have complete knowledge of drop shipping features.Some of the vital features are: 

Drop ship account:One should know how many types of drop ship account companies are providing some of the points you must take care of:

a).Amount to be paid

b).Is their any one time set up fees that is charged.

c).Any other Hidden charges

d).What the discount you are getting in every plan?

e). Availability.


Drop ship Features:Once you start to select an account you must know all the features of the drop ship account you want to apply for.Here are few vital point to consider:

a).Drop ship discount of the plan you want to apply for.

b).Technical Assistance

c).CSV sheet for bulk upload.

d).Will you be getting your own branding or not?

e). Shipping charges applied or free shipping.


Shipping:Must have complete knowledge about shipping charges of:

b). Prepaid.


Refund return & Exchange policy:Drop ship firm is providing what sort of refund return exchange policy and how you can make your own refund and exchange policy. 

Dispatch:One of the critical  point How are the Service partners of the drop ship companies whether they are into E commerce industry or they are new entrant.As we all know for success in online industry your dispatch plays a vital role in reaching your article to the customers. 

If you have clear ideas and innovation then you can be a vital player in online marketing and that too with a minimum fuss.All the other market places have provided the platform to sell products and Drop ship firm act  as cherry on the cake by providing opportunities to others selling their products in their own websites or in other marketplaces.Drop ship truth is if its done with clear ideas & innovation then you can generate your own online empire