Director Editorial

  • It’s an honour & pleasure for us to make you an integral part of team, make you feel the taste of Entrepreneurship and express yourself in the online shopping market not only in India only even  globally. As a Director, mine responsibilities is to provide our buyer quality products & services on which they can rely on. vision" Buy as Guest Sale via Drop ship" also provides opportunities to individual from different parts of world to express themselves in online business via our drop ship module. Today’s business in not about to sale the products to the buyer but also creating opportunities for the upcoming generation to express their talent in the online shopping business globally. Therefore with my team we are focusing not only in quality sales as well as generating business for upcoming talent via drop ship module.

    This Onerous & interesting phase of our journey was very overwhelming. Foundation was laid on 2012 with a vision “Buy as Guest Sale via Drop ship”, this innovative idea came into frame with coordination of my ever enthusiastic director & team encored way of huge success in India. Drop ship module has also opened many doors for the international buyer to become an Entrepreneur which propelled to move internationally and make individual part of team.

    Buy as Guest:

    With a concept of online shopping megastore have given a sense of accomplishment to our buyer psyche that is quality products with comfort at their door steps. More than 50,000 customers serving on regular basis gives an amazing sense of satisfaction and entho to cover more customer to every part globally. Work on Buyer satisfaction regularly and to attain the retainable customer gave a feel of work satisfaction that to compiling with business ethics.

    Sale via Drop ship:

    This innovative vision have created opportunities for as well as all the talented upcoming Entrepreneurs to express themselves and attain good amount of sales in online shopping business. Drop ship module has become popular among the individual from all part of countries in India as well as globally. Join hand with by sitting at your place at one click and start your own online drop shipping business.

    Innovative Directors& Team members:

    Our Directors innovative & influential ideas along with capitalisation by team members have made it possible for to live the vision globally. Zeal regarding their works, which foundation was laid on 2012 has been upthrust with same energy & effectiveness by our team members.Want to personally congratulate my directors and team members for the efforts they have put in to make so popular not even in India as well as globally. 

  • moves to international market:

  • Continuous increase in demand from International buyers and upcoming entrepreneurs has propelled to move internationally to buy the Indian products as well as providing opportunities to Sale Indian products to every part of international market .Come join hands with, be a part of your own esteem organization and express yourself in the Indian as well as International market..

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