Raymond Clothing

Raymond Clothing  are an essential item for every men's wardrobe be it special occasion like wedding or for official meetings and men's pants, shirts, suit length, piece fabric style are increasingly becoming popular among all age groups whether it is college going youths or working executives in companies or elderly people looking for dress up in style for weddings in India.Raymond Suitings & Shirting's compiles an exact find of every event that make it special for us.
Raymond Suit:Add a flavor  to your special occasion or in office meetings or when travelling abroad by donning the shirts stitched with these premium quality fabrics from the house of Raymond- Trust, Excellence, Quality, these are some of the abiding values that have been associated with Raymond over the years. Today, Raymond has the distinction of being the world's largest integrated producers of worsted suiting and shirting’s fabrics in the world.Raymond Shirts are highly sophisticated garment with the shoulders and sleeves have been finely pleated to give form-fitting trimness while allowing the wearer room to move which give an edge to your looks.. The small fringe formed during weaving along one edge of the cloth has been placed by the designer to decorate the neck opening and side seam.
Raymond Shirt:Great style and impeccable fits are imperative for good dressing. For those gentlemen who do not wish to have more formal or handsome look may opt for a high-end formal men's suiting’s fabrics.Raymond is the world's largest producer of worsted suiting fabrics commanding over 60% market share in India. With a capacity of 38 million meters, we are among the few companies in the world, fully integrated to manufacture worsted fabrics, wool & wool blended fabrics.Every time you select a fabric for suiting’s first thing that comes in mind is that it should be comfortable and breathable after it’s finally tailored. Invest in classic style with the men’s, grooms, gentleman exclusive quality suiting fabrics .Find the pure wools, wool blended with exotic fibers like camel hair, stoffee, cashmere and angora and innovative blends of wool with polyester, linen and silk fabrics or materials in grey, check, black, beige ,lining  features, styles and colors for weddings, ceremonies, proms and other formal events.
Raymond Trousers: for Men, Boys are more dressed-up or formal look is relaxed and voluminous experiment with contrasting proportions of volume and slim-fit. Modern and clean styles are prominent Flat front trousers/pants with no turn-ups are in vogue Trousers with washed and casual look can be worn with different fashion accessories Fine detailing is instrumental for pockets and fastenings Saturated blues grow in importance for trousers. Grey, taupe, fawn and black are the wardrobe staples and Stripe and subdued check designs are suited for casual dressing. Raymond Trousers are made from a range of fabrics- matty, worsted ,wool ,barathea fabrics ,wool and wool blends, cotton, denim, khaki or flannel with plain, stripes, wrap print styles in green,  green, chocolaty, Cadbury, brown, dark grey colors and many more and we have included these fine quality trouser fabrics from the well known brand – Raymond. Try pairing these Raymond’s Trouser clothing fabrics manufactured men's pants, trousers with a t-shirt or polo shirt to achieve that formal, casual look or dress them up with a smarter shirt for a slightly more sophisticated style.Come and grab exciting offer on Seasonsway.com.